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My Louisiana CPA Information Website

Stop Taxing CPAs! (both Time and Money)

Louisiana has recently changed several aspects of continuing education, reporting and licensing of CPAs in Louisiana - including putting in place the allowance for the State Board to charge CPAs more under several different fees (often over 100% more), requiring more of our time with frequent reporting to the State Board and the removal of a 3 year 120 hour cycle to a "Rolling" 2 year cycle of 80 hours per cycle.

These changes are put forth under the disguise to "protect the public and make Louisiana CPAs stay current" - but many CPAs feel they are only to protect the providers of CPE.  Additionally, many CPAs feel they do not take quality CPE hours due to a huge need for quantity.

The really interesting thing is this - Louisiana lawyers only need 16 hours per year, and Louisiana doctors only need 20 to 25 hours per year - go figure.

My Louisiana CPA site is to keep fellow Louisiana CPAs up to date on changes and issues affecting CPAs in the state of Louisiana, from the local laws passed to issues mandated by the State Board to the Society of Louisiana CPAs contribution to those changes - one place to get info on all that affects a CPA in the state of Louisiana.

Check out the Blog posts - and register using the top right button above to be on the email list for alerts when new posts or changes happen.  Your email address and identity will always be kept confidential.

Charles C. Coe, Jr., CPA

Proud to be a CPA!